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Our goal is to support you in building your brand and creating something enduring and elegant.

We strive to offer graphic design and digital development services to businesses, creating high-level projects and improving design quality. We aim to achieve direct, personalized, and timely communication between clients and their audience.

It is a pleasure to introduce the founders of Parallele Studio, a graphic design brand. Their joint venture, established in 2019,
has gained recognition for their creative approach, avant-garde style, and commitment to excellence.

These founders became friends during their fashion design studies, where they discovered their mutual interest in graphic design. Over the years, their bondhas strengthened, leading them to materialize their creative vision through Parallele Studio. Their goal is to offer unique graphic designs that harmoniously blend art and fashion, challenging conventional boundaries and providing an exceptional visual experience for their clients. With a combination of talent, experience, and vision, the founders of Parallele Studio are making a significant impact in the graphic design industry. Each design they produce carries a unique story and a distinct approach, solidifying them as leaders in the field of graphic design and contemporary fashion.

Ana Lazalde y
Jacqueline Salazar